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How the Program works

By now you are familiar with Third Party programs.  We we approached by may medical groups looking for a Third party Group to work better with them and not be forced in to long contracts that only worked one way.  We developed programs that fit each organization and what works best for them.  Though we are not perfect, we strive to be better daily.  


-Select your patients plan on this page to the right.  Each plan has specific pricing.  The price shown is the patients out of pocket amount after their contracted rates have been applied.

-Choose from the manufacturers listed and choose the product you want. (we are working on getting more manufacturers on contract so please let us know if you want one that is not listed.)

-Select the options, submit payment (if applicable)

-Hearing aids will be shipped directly to your clinic.

-Email us fitting date at and you will receive a fitting fee of $500.00 after the trial period has expired. 

-You will receive $50.00 per follow up visit for up to 10 visits up to 3 years, whichever comes sooner.  Those will be paid to your clinic quarterly.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

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