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Liquid Bubbles


$1,099.00 Regular Price
$899.00Sale Price

Meet the CRE-C10, an easy, do-it-yourself hearing solution for those with signs of mild to moderate hearing loss. Developed in partnership with WS Audiology, this hearing device harnesses Sony’s trusted technology to deliver exceptional sound quality in a sleek, discreet design that’s virtually invisible. With a long battery life of up to 70 hours of continuous use2, the CRE-C10 offers compact, high-quality sound to enhance your experience in every environment.

  • Warranty

    The warranty covers repair for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase, with proof of purchase.  The warranty is handled directly with Sony, not with our company. 

  • Return & Refund Policy

    30 day return of undamaged, not dirty products.  This includes earwax, any foreign substance or fluids.  

  • Shipping Info

    We offer shipping to the United States and Mexico.

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