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Ear Exam

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This is the pricing information for our general plan.  This page provides the styles and brands that are available.  If you don't see a particular model that you are looking for, please contact us and we can get that added to the contract.  

Tier 1: Oticon Real 1R or equivalent:    $4700.00/pair  (MSRP $7326.00)*

Tier 2: Oticon Real 2R or equivalent:    $4100.00/pair  (MSRP $6622.00)*

Tier 3: Oticon Real 3R or equivalent:    $3500.00/pair  (MSRP $4100.00)*

Tier 4: Oticon Zircon 2R or equivalent:   $3000.00/pair  (MSRP $4100.00)*

Providers are given a fitting fee and also a fee for follow up visits for up to 10 visits!  Make sure to enter the patients insurance ID # on the order form.

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